Extended Reality.

With over 60 million app downloads, Extality’s world class team of dedicated industry professionals has decades of combined experience developing interactive media and delivering innovative, reliable solutions to organizations facing complex AR/VR challenges.


VR / AR Development

As an early-adopter and pioneer, Extality is an experienced provider in the design and development of applications for AR/VR. Our deep knowledge of high-performance 3D application development ensures our clients the best-looking and best-performing projects available.

Tools Development

Extality has the deep technical knowledge required to build custom VR & AR tools to extend your existing toolchains and capabilities, or to build new ones from scratch. This allows your existing content creation team to easily provide audiences new experiences utilizing existing content.

Game Development

With a founding team comprised entirely of critically-acclaimed studio founders, we understand high-performance 3D game development, AR and VR. We’ve lived our lives on the cutting edge of technology.


Michel Kripalani

Over 28 years in pioneering interactive development. Prior CEO of Presto Studios and Oceanhouse Media.


Arash Keshmirian

A decade in mobile game development building brands with worldwide recognition and critical acclaim.


Volker Schönefeld

A powerhouse in graphics development and technology innovation on new platforms and hardware.

Evolving arenas like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) bring new opportunities, but also involve complex, special challenges. As an experienced and reliable partner, Extality can help your organization successfully navigate these technologies and achieve your goals.

Oculus Go

Zombie Gunship Revenant is the latest iOS game in the Zombie Gunship series of post-apocalyptic zombie shooters. Revenant uses Augmented Reality to allow the player to control a heavily-armed helicopter gunship, bringing down devastating firepower to zombies below.

With Augmented Reality, we are able to create a room-scale experience, with the player’s environment becoming the battlefield, and the player moving around their iPhone or iPad as though it is the gunship itself. In addition, we perform sophisticated graphics techniques to simulate a thermal heat camera.

Our proprietary high-performance graphics engine leverages ARKit and Metal 2 on the latest iPhones and iPads to bring console-grade visuals and effects to complete the immersive experience.

Apple has recognized Zombie Gunship Revenant AR as one of the Best Games of 2017.

Google Tango